I am worthy of being in this space, I am worthy of being loved.

Meet Hoang.

Society kind of frowns upon mental health and almost pretends it’s not there and thinks that if you work hard or work through your sad moments or your depression, you’ll be fine, as if it almost doesn’t exist.

I feel like it needs to be addressed a lot more because it definitely can affect how you live your everyday life and how you are effective in your everyday life, especially at your job or how you interact with your friends and family. It’s really important.

 In terms of some very heavy topics that have really come up during COVID, like in terms of Black Lives Matter, it’s just so crazy to think about. I was crying for the people in that community, like my black brothers and sisters in that community, and then a year later having to cry for mine.

And it really just shows you that unfortunately, this country wasn’t built for people of color.
And that the American dream is not something that was made for a person who isn’t Caucasian.

It causes a lot of depression, fear and anger.

“I’ve never in my life felt so scared. ”

I’ve never in my life thought about having a gun. I’ve never thought about having pepper spray, never felt like I needed it. And now I do feel like I’m ready to purchase it. Like I’m scared for my life. You know, people looking like me are getting attacked for no other reason besides the fact that they’re Asian. That’s scary.

I was born and raised here. I speak the same language as you. I went to the same school as you. I’m not just this alien, you know, I’m not just this “slanted-eyed chinky alien,” I’m a human being first and foremost, just like you.

 I feel like everyone’s battle with this is so different and so unique to them. I feel like what has gotten me through it, like with any depression that I’ve ever had or any anxiety that I’ve ever had, is that I am worthy of being in this space, I am worthy of being loved. I’m worthy of the opportunities that I am seeking for myself and for the people around me. Understanding that I have a value and a meaning and a purpose in this world is how I cope with any depression or anxiety that comes my way.

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