Share Your Voice and Help Others

Your participation in A Mindful State can make a difference in peoples lives — and in yours too!

We are stronger together than we are alone.

Having connections with other people is one of the most important ways to improve our mental and emotional health. A Mindful State will introduce you to people who are like you — and unlike you — across the state. We invite each unique individual to share their truth, their experience, their story and we will weave them together to form an extraordinary and beautiful resource that will give voice to each storyteller and bring comfort to our shared community.

Three ways you can participate

1. Share your story — Tell us your story. Let us know what you are struggling with and what tools or practices you use to manage. You can send us an email and attach any photos or videos that will help round out your story:

2. Become an advocate — Share A Mindful State with all the people in your social media network so they can benefit the experience:

3. Tell us about your community — Let us know about events and resources in your community:

Let us know what you think!

We are committed to a people-powered experience that will grow and evolve to meet the needs of the community we serve, so your participation matters. Please let us know your thoughts so we can make A Mindful State the best it can be: