Expert Advice

Sometimes a simple insight can have a big impact. A Mindful State is grateful for the good advice offered by our growing community of mental health and positive living experts. Short videos are no substitute for professional help, but our community finds these words of wisdom to be very useful as we each develop coping skills and build resilience.

Tovah F. Supporting Kids

When There are Issues at School

All behavior serves a purpose - communication.

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Developing Alternative Approaches

Role playing offers alternate ways to deal with challenges.

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Anxiety has Changed with the Pandemic

Validate feelings by listening and practicing ways to feel less anxious.

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We have Experienced a Collective Trauma

PTSD, ODD, ADHD, depression, trauma can manifest as anxiety

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Assessing When Extra Help is Needed

Identify when stress becomes debilitating.

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Every Day is A New Day

Behaviors, thoughts or feelings do not have to be permanent

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Building Relationships is the Foundation

Students do not have to look like us to be able to connect with them.

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How to Build a Human Interaction

Sometimes humor is the best way to connect.

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Kira M. Ingredients of Resilience

Ingredient #1: Purpose

Resilience is something that people are capable of on a very deep level.

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Ingredient #2: Connection

Connection isn't just a physical presence.

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Ingredient #3: Adaptability

The bottom line is that adaptability is hard.

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Ingredient #4: Hope

Hope is an emotionally meaningful ingredient but not easy to come by.

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Jon C. Youth and Substance Use

Addiction is Complex

People can fall into addiction by trying to self-medicate.

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Is Your Substance Use Getting Out-of-Hand?

Letting someone know you are struggling is the right start.

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Signs Your Child May Be Experimenting with Substances

What to look for if your child is experimenting with substances.

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Is Experimentation Safe?

Cannabis produces changes in our brain that are not natural.

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Lizzie C. Suicide and Self-Harm

If You or Someone You Love is Considering Suicide

Hotlines, text lines and other ways to support someone.

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If Someone Tells You They are Considering Suicide

Tips for how to respond if someone shares their feelings.

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There is Power in Asking for Help

Once you’re able to ask for help - there’s usually support.

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Suicide Affects Individuals and Cultures Differently

Some populations are at an increased risk of suicide.

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Jessica D. Trauma

Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress

Intrusion, Arousal, Thought and Mood Changes and Avoidance.

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Jessica's Personal Trauma Story

Telling your story from beginning, middle, to end is important.

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Avoiding Trauma Reminders Can Prevent Healing

Avoiding trauma reminders means it never gets dealt with.

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Routine and Stress Reduction Promote Healing

Deep breathing, eating and sleeping well help reduce PTSD.

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Sarnika A. Youth and Social Media

Toxic Positivity

Constant positivity when things aren't positive can be detrimental.

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Influencer Culture Influencer Culture and Mental Health

An Influencer shares opinions to drive behavior.

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Social Media and False Perceptions

What you see is not always a true version of reality.

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The Positive Side of Social Media

Hear from a young person's point-of-view.

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Jose L. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are Part of Everyday Life

Stress and anxiety have good and bad elements. Know the difference.

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Healthy Habits to Process Stress

Simple deep breathing and light exercise are oxygen to the brain.

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Stress Impacts Emotions

Awareness of what causes stress and anxiety can help to control it.

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Feeling Anxious is Normal

Stress and anxiety are normal AND you can do something about it.

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Peace Queen.

What do You Feel Worthy of?

You have more to give and to share when you love yourself first.

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It is Our Responsibility to Care for Each Other

This belief can guide and motivate what we do.

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Reflecting on COVID, Disparities and Serving

Being a community servant is a calling.

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Claire A. Managing Emotions

Managing Emotions: Coping Skills and Tools

Ideas for managing emotions to help cope through tough times.

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Meditation and Managing Emotions

Many types of meditation and breathing are quick and easy.

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Tawni B. Regulating Emotions

Reasoning and Thinking Power

How to re-engage your brain to calm yourself.

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Self Inventory to Problem Solve

Evaluate what is happening when you are having a hard time.

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Help to Get Others to Regulate

Engage your brain to assess what others need.

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Behavioral Escalation and Intervention

It is important for us to connect and help regulate each other.

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Deanna S. Depression

How to Decide if You Need More Support

Feelings are just feelings. They are not bad or wrong.

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To Alleviate, First Identify

Body scan can help identify how your are feeling.

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Helping Kids Deal with Depression

Disrupting negative feelings can help kids dealing with depression.

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Different Levels and Patterns of Depression.

Noticing patterns helps us know things will pass.

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Heather L. Counseling and the BIPOC Community

Counseling and the BIPOC Community

Everyone has stuff going on and they need someone to talk to.

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Heather B. Ideas to Improve Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

Give yourself permission to honor and take care of yourself.

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Bobbi D. Supporting Teens in Challenging Times

Validating Experiences and Emotions Helps

Teens are dealing with the loss and grief of typical experiences.

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